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Each explainer video comes with…

Logo Animation

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How can you afford to make this high quality at such a low price?

We have an office for our management and marketing team in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. However, our artists and animators are remotely based from Illinois to Europe! It’s a great perk we offer. It enables us to utilize great talent and not be limited to the Chicago area. This also allows us to produce animation styles without having to increase our prices to accommodate additional workspace costs.

What is your revision process?

Simply tell us what you want changed at each stage. We will continue making changes as needed until you are 100% satisfied. Fortunately, we usually get things exactly right in less than three rounds of revisions/edits on each stage. However, if you do need more, we will continue to work hard until your video is exactly the way you imagined it.

Do you sign NDAs?

We frequently work with clients that require us to sign an NDA, and of course, have no problem with this. We respect the sensitive details of your organization and will honor all of your requirements.

Any hidden additional costs?

Absolutely not! For your convenience, all it takes to get started is a $100 (fully refundable) deposit to lock in your spot in our production schedule. Once your script is completed, the exact length of your video is determined. From there, we will send you an exact pricing overview (reflective of the pricing you see here) for you to review and approve. All this happens before any production begins, and before any further payments are made.

Who has ownership of the video?

Once the final stage is approved and the video is complete, the video is entirely your property to distribute and do with as you please. We also keep record of all source files in case you lose your video files.

Will our video have a watermark like your samples?

Nope. Those are there to protect against fraudsters that might wrongfully download our work and falsely claim as their own work. Your video is entirely your property. Every video we create is intended to represent an internal creation of your company. We want to be that secret weapon for your company, and not just a production partner.