Mobile App Explainer Video Case Study

How Our Simple Video Improved Monthly Downloads By 42% For Our Client’s Mobile App (And Helped Achieve Organic First Page Google Ranking)

The Client

Recipe Gen

Simple Promotional Animation

One of our most simple, yet most effective productions. You can see there is no script or dialogue in this video. Only friendly background music and sound effects. Recipe Gen is a simple app that stores kitchen inventory and provides suggestions for meal options. With this information, it spits out recipes and dishes you can create what you currently have. No need for a long explanation, script, or voice over for this app. This is a perfect example of increased engagement and ROI, resulting from applying entertaining visuals.

The Challenge

Needed to launch ASAP with less than two weeks production time

App is straightforward and did not require a script

Needed help making an entertaining and engaging video without a voice over

Budget spend is highly focused on paid ads so he couldn’t invest in “fancy”,  high-priced production

Ad CPC campaign without video was only increasing monthly downloads by 3-4% with engagement rate of 1.6%

The Solution

A short, simple, and friendly video to build engagement and drive more traffic to the iTunes download page. An entertaining explanation of how the straightforward app works. Without overloading the target market with information.

The Results

Jef’s Response

“Sam and his team are amazing to work with, and the animated video I got has been a key contributor to getting my app to be ranked in the top 10 iPhone apps. My app’s download rates increased tenfold. It went from being hidden in the sea of apps to becoming #2 for the Food & Drink category in Canada, and #6 in the US. Incredible, and I owe it all to Target Animations because I changed nothing in the actual app, all I did was add their video to my marketing campaign. Thank you so much!!”

Jeffrey Tung

CEO, Clear App Development / RecipeGen Creator

What We Achieved

Ad engagement increased 213%
Monthly downloads increased 42%
♦ Traffic and engagement from video to download page helped rank it #5 for the keyword “Recipe Generator App”
      Note: There are many factors that contribute to SEO. But, if you don’t have traffic (website visitors) you won’t have good SEO.
Organic monthly downloads increased by 14% from first page google ranking

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