Our Risk-free
Simplified Process

Getting Started With Us

1. $100 Deposit

All it takes is a fully refundable $100 to get started. This deposit let’s us know you’re serious and also locks your video in our production schedule.

2. CompleteĀ Questionnaire

After you deposit, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. This will help form the basis of your script and video.

3. Finalize Script

We get to writing and work with your feedback to make a final script that is perfect. Once approved, this will be the foundation of the entire video project.

4. Send Exact Quote

Based on the number of words, we can approximate the length to send you an exact quote. You won’t be left with any unforeseen charges at the end of our project. If you already have a script prepared, we can skip the previous steps!

5. Choose Payment Plan/Method

Here you choose your payment plan and method. We have a 1/4th and 1/2 payment plan. You can choose to pay through our sites payment processor with credit card, mail checks, or cash if you’re local in the Chicago area.

6. Begin Production

The hard part is done and you didn’t even have to risk anything! From here we handle the rest of the work. You can just sit back and make sure the rest of the production pieces exactly align with your end vision.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” Production Process


We create and provide a first draft that tells your story, in a way that best promotes your business exactly how it best serves you. This step takes about three business days. Please allow two to three business days for each set of revisions, if needed. Once approved, we are ready for the next step.

Step 2: AUDIO

The right voice and background music can have enormous impact on the degree of success that pertains to your video. We understand that the right tonality, pitch, and pace is vital. Our voiceover talent produce studio-quality professionalism, matched to fit the objectives that were determined in the initial research. The same goes for carefully selected background music, and sound effects if applicable. This step takes about three business days. Please allow two business days for any revision, if needed. Once approved, we are ready for the next step.


Unlike most animation companies, we create a “written storyboard” first. This covers tonality and visual notes for each scene and results in less revisions for illustrations. After, our professional artists and animators will create a storyboard that includes a step-by-step framework design of the entire video. This step typically takes six business days. Please allow up to five business days for revisions, if needed. Once approved, we are ready for the next step.


This is when it all comes together. Custom graphics are created by our talented illustrators and animators. Audio is also incorporated during this creation and editing process which includes voiceover, background music, and sound effects. This final step takes about seven days – depending on the length and style of your video. If longer than 7-days, we can approximate the timeline on this step after the SCRIPT CREATION in step #1.



Please remember that your approval is required at every step before we move on to the next. The following estimates are based after the script has been finalized…

2D videos take approximately 20 business days on average.

3D videos are more complex and projected turn-around time will be provided once we understand the full scope of your project.

*Any desired revisions, if needed, will result in additional days.

If you’re ever unsatisfied, we offer a 100% Money-back GuaranteeĀ on every stage of our process

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