What Is An Explainer Video?

How effective are explainer videos?

♦ 90% of online users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process
♦ 73% of marketers report positive ROI results after implementing digital video
♦ Watch the video on your left to gain a full understanding about Explainer Videos!

Owning a business website can be compared to operating a big boat. Maybe you’re moving along okay paddling by yourself. But, wouldn’t it be better in many ways if you had an engine? An explainer video is like that engine. It’s an upgrade that delivers, and in the right application, becomes an investment that’s easy to justify.

Love it!! We sound so professional now 🙂
~ Reveal Diagnostics
Reveal Diagnostics loved their isometric video. Especially the audio to go along with it!
“We really like it. No changes from our side.”
~ LeadPorte
Our process is so streamlined that LeadPorte didn’t even need to request any visual edits!

Give Your Homepage A Kick

Analytics experts spend countless hours in testing the best web designs. Guess what they found?

♦ Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy on a site after watching an accompanying video

♦ Over 80% were able to recall video content, and identify the website, for up to 30 days

“I loved my video from Target Animations! They are fast and easy to work with. I originally thought the price was a little expensive but after seeing the quality and how much my customers loved it, the ROI was well worth it! It was a perfect fit for my business and promotions. I’m glad I jumped on the opportunity before my local franchise competition found out about how effective social media advertising can be. Hope to make another video with them again in the future.”

Eva Minka

Owner/Franchisee, Subway

“I needed to revamp a previous advertisement to make it more visually engaging and social media friendly. I handed the work over to Sam and his team. They worked with all of my feedback and produced an awesome animation video without me having to lift a finger. They even helped me with the distribution of the Ad gave me some great headline and tagline suggestions on top of keyword SEO optimization for youtube. I highly recommend Target Animations for any type of sales videos or advertisements.”

Craig A. Spencer

Founder/Owner, illinicountry.com / Spin Web Media

“We used Target Animations to promote our marketing campaign for tailgate season. Their work was incredible. We needed a quick thirty second video and they got it done fast and efficiently. I would absolutely recommend to anyone Target Animations. If you’re looking for a serious return on investment for your marketing campaign, they are the people to go to.”

Tyler Hendershot

Founder/CEO, ezparkonline.com / EZ Park

Mobile Optimized Videos

In today’s age, it’s important that you work with a company that knows how to “Mobile Optimize” video, in order to effectively distribute on all digital platforms. This is especially true for “Mobile First” organizations.

We’ve helped dozens of app companies with video, even to obtain top 10 ranking for its app category.

“Sam and his team are amazing to work with, and the animated video I got has been a key contributor to getting my app to be ranked in the top 10 iPhone apps. My app’s download rates increased tenfold. It went from being hidden in the sea of apps to becoming #2 for the Food & Drink category in Canada, and #6 in the US. Incredible, and I owe it all to Target Animations because I changed nothing in the actual app, all I did was add their video to my marketing campaign. Thank you so much!!”

Jeffrey Tung

CEO, Clear App Development / RecipeGen Creator

“As a business owner who’s always working on other businesses marketing strategies, it’s nice to have someone so attentive to small details focus on mine. Sam made the process so simple and straightforward. After a few minutes of talking with him he already developed a great concept for my advertising campaign. He handled everything after that and showed me an amazing video ahead of schedule. He even gave me some great advice on how to use my video and helped me share it on multiple platforms. Target Animations is perfect for companies that internally handle their marketing distributions and don’t have huge budgets to pay advertising or marketing firms.”

Erik Kahr

CEO, Klarity Web Marketing

“We needed a video explaining the difference between our materials and competitor materials and how we supply the superior fabrics. Working with Target Animations was great because we could just give them an idea of what we wanted visually and for the script. They took on all the workload and provided us a video that we were proud of, and proud to present to our customers. They created a superior product for us at a fair price which you can’t normally get from other video companies.”

Sachin Sehgal

CEO, Earth Threads Apparel

Content Marketing

If you’ve had great digital sales success, you’ve probably figured out that providing value to your audience BEFORE the sale, is immensely important. That’s what content marketing is all about!

Doing it with animation will help improve retention, and loyal followers will feel proud to share in their online communities.

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