LinkedIn Advertising Case Study

How Our Company Video Increased LinkedIn Advertising Average CTR by 310%

Video Summary: What’s at the foundation of every explainer video? A powerful format to better educate and engage audiences. Sometimes a message may be boring, complex, direct or requiring a subtle touch. No matter the context, animations have the ability to capture attention.

Why We Made It: 
We wanted to explain our version of what an animated explainer video really is. That’s because we distribute them ourselves through both “organic” and paid marketing. We put our money where our mouth is! As such, we implement these engaging animations for various types of goals. Direct sales, brand awareness, internal marketing, and even content marketing. We’ve produced them all! We know we bring unique value to the explainer video market. Few can explain their value and utility like we do. For our B2B market, we decided that LinkedIn is the best place for them to hear our message. It turns out we were correct in our assumption that our audience is on LinkedIn. The results we achieved were beyond expectation! Read on to learn more…..

The Delivery – LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Native Sponsored Ad

We’ve advertised our company on every platform from Google AdWords, to Facebook, and even Bing. LinkedIn Advertising is our favorite for two reasons….

1. Unlike Facebook/Instagram – Very High Quality Traffic

Less bots and fraudulent clicks
Less competitor clicks and ad spying
Less false advertisers ruining the platform and irritated audiences
 High CPC only favors transparent businesses and great offers

2. Unlike Search Advertising – Clicks Allow For Lead Nurturing

B2B sales decisions don’t happen instantly
With search advertising, the only goal can be sales or the click is a waste
With social ads, clicks lead to follows, ad engagement, and free extra reach
Luckily, LinkedIn Ads can still combine great with AdWords and SEO

Our Campaign Challenges

The whole point of producing an explainer video is to facilitate a fun an engaging message for a clear goal. There are many technical marketing advantages, like an increase in website time, search ranking, and automated communication. However, at the core of the technical stuff, conversion tracking, and math marketing…. is the message and goal. We wanted to get to the core of educational marketing and how animation is one of the most effective ways to convey your message.

Main Industry Challenges:

 Market clouded by messages from explainer video companies promising sales results
We know our clients goals are not always direct sales or direct marketing campaigns
 Educational marketing is very powerful for both brand awareness and internal marketing

Technical Marketing Challenges:

LinkedIn is very hard and costly to optimize (average $8-$12 cpc for decision makers)
 Direct sales ads can be used and made profitable but LinkedIn favors a brand awareness approach
Need a long-term strategy that pulls in and keeps attention because of time sensitive sales decision

The Results

Campaign Summary From Our Founder

Benchmark Links For Reference

LinkedIn Benchmark Report: Click Here

2017 Agency Report: Click Here

What We Achieved

2735 impressions, 47 clicks, 10 free social clicks

Average CTR 310% minimum increase

 Average engagement 533% increase

 Average CPC lowered 211% ($4.26 from LinkedIn average $9 CPC)

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