Risk Free Checkout Process

Making The Perfect Animation Video For Your Business Is Extremely Easy And Completely Risk Free. Check out The Process Below So You Know Exactly What To Expect.

Step #1

All it takes to get started is a measly $100 fully refundable deposit. That’s it! We never want to make you pay for a video you haven’t even received yet. This $100 deposit is to lock your spot in our production line. It gets you started¬†with our production process with no obligations on your end. Cancel anytime for any reason and you immediately get your deposit back, no questions asked. NOTE: The $100 deposit is not an extra fee. It will be deducted from the total cost of your video. When we say no hidden fees we mean it!

Step #2

Immediately after your deposit, you will receive a short questionnaire from the TA team. It’s a super simple yet immensely valuable component of our process. It will help us clearly understand what your goals are. With this, we will have the ingredients to make a video that perfectly complements your business and is aligned with your desired results. You will also be given a 24/7 personal project manager that will be ready to solve any problems or concerns you may have throughout our process.

Step #3

After the $100 deposit, we get straight to work and create your script. We present the script and make any necessary edits. When it’s 100% approved by you, we will know the exact length of your video based on the number of words (100 words equals roughly 30 seconds). With the length known, we can then send your exact quote for the video, reflective of the cost calculator. You then make your first 1/4th of the entire payment (50% payment plan also acceptable). From here, the rest of the 1/4th payments are covered in the following 3 steps of voice over, illustration/storyboarding, and animation. We will never move forward in the steps of our production sequence without your 100% approval and satisfaction on the ones that follow.
That’s right, making your perfect animated marketing video is really that simple! No work involved from you at all other than approving each of the 4 stages. Click here to make your fully refundable deposit and get started on the creation of your premium marketing video.